Covid-19 Call

CSC has answered to the call of Direct Service Delivery to seniors. We are mandated by CRCS to provide following services free to seniors, particularly vulnerable seniors:

1) Grocery delivery

2) Pharmacy delivery

3) Setting appointments with doctors/dentists/chiropractors or physios

4) Running errands for them

5) Help them with the use of technology like setting up video calls

6) Offer free online yoga classes/satsangs/fitness, visual bingos, online theatre classes

7) Offer them gift cards,

8) Transportation help, offering of rides

9) Free PPEs

10) Loaner devices to those who don’t have tablets or smartphones

We have volunteers, staff and credit experts working with us and there are many  tools available regarding fraud detention and prevention, various govt programs available for seniors to enable them a sense of financial empowerment.

Every service follows Ontario govt’s COVID-19 guidelines and we respect your privacy.

Please Call: Gurjeet Singh 289-946-0191, Mukesh Narula 647-858-7890, 

Ambrish Patel 647-927-6940, Shail Prasad 647-999-3831   www.

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